Does Ceramic Coating Protect Against Rock Chips? 

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Ceramic coatings have become the method of choice for individuals who want unparalleled protection for their cars against mud, filth, oil, and dust. Ceramic coatings have a hydrophobic property that protect vehicles from damage caused by natural factors. Additionally, ceramic coatings have a glossy exterior that encases the car for added protection. However, even though … Read more

How Do You Detail Your Car Like A Professional?

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You want your car to appear as new as possible, especially if it’s an expensive vehicle. Many individuals choose to detail their cars to keep them in prime condition, looking the same as the day they drove out of the showroom! It is essential to keep in mind that car detailing is not the same … Read more

How Often Should You Have A Paint Correction Applied?

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Because paint correction is one of the most costly services on the market, many car owners are apprehensive about having it done. However, this service is essential for preserving the look and performance of your vehicles paint. Consider the age, type, and year of the vehicle, as well as the degree of paint damage when … Read more

Does Ceramic Coating Make Cars Shine?

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Adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle would undoubtedly be beneficial. Shine will be added to the car’s paint via a paint correction process before the coating is applied. A ceramic coating will be put on your car to preserve it against corrosion for as long as possible. Although it provides more superior protection than … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Ceramic Coat A Car?

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Get a ceramic coating for your car’s exterior if you want to give it a high-gloss finish! A ceramic coating adds a shield to protect the paint on your vehicle from bad weather, has hydrophobic properties, and is long-lasting. But what is the cost of ceramic coating? Read this article by Lucent ReflectionZ to discover … Read more

Does Paint Correction Fix A Clear Coat?

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Your vehicle is subjected to various elements daily, some of which may cause the paint to deteriorate. Paint correction removes imperfections from your vehicle’s paintwork, leaving it looking as sparkling as the day you first drove it. But is it essential to make use of paint correction? Will the clear coat be removed if the … Read more

What Is A 3 Stage Paint Correction?

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A three-stage paint correction procedure has been attempted and tested to remove faults from painted surfaces on automobiles. The three techniques enable rapid and thorough fault removal without hologramming or machine-induced swirl marks. The three steps refer to three different methods of paint machine polishing. These three stages do not include preparation or complete protection. … Read more

How Do I Care For My Car After A Ceramic Coating Has Been Applied?


A ceramic coating is one of the best investments for protecting the original paintwork on your car. It safeguards the paint by keeping it glossy, preventing liquids and damaging contaminants from affecting the paint. Some people think that coating their car with ceramic lessens the need for maintenance. This, however, is untrue. If not maintained, … Read more

Why is paint correction important?


You have many responsibilities as a car owner. Getting a car and keeping it secure is not sufficient, even if you have a garage or a dedicated space. Cleaning and mechanical maintenance are necessary to keep your vehicle in good form. Given the sum of money you invested in your car, it’s essential to maintain … Read more

How Do You Wash A Ceramic Coated Car?


A ceramic coating on your car may dress it up and make it look in great condition, however it’s important to take proper care of the ceramic coating, if you want this ‘new look shine’ to continue!  You may believe you can continue cleaning in the same manner as before after getting a ceramic coating, … Read more