Ceramic Coatings are a great way to protect your vehicle and enjoy the ease of maintenance.

What are the potential benefits of Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is becoming more popular as a form of paint protection for various reasons. Considering the advantages can help you decide if you should ceramic coat your vehicle.

Protect your car from UV rays and chemicals

The sun affects your car, corroding both the paint and the metal components. The sun, in particular, will oxidize and fade the paint, making it appear dull and aged. Ceramic coating prevents this by reflecting UV rays and preserving your vehicle’s colors from becoming faded away. A ceramic coating prevents pollutants from attaching to your vehicle’s paint by providing a chemically resistant surface. The ceramic coating will guard against these chemical spills and will be stain resistant.

Give a high-gloss finish

With a ceramic coating, your car’s paint will have a considerably more intense glossy shine. The strong and transparent ceramic layer will give your car color depth and a long lasting gloss. Because your car will stay cleaner for longer, the brilliant shine will be less likely to be obscured by dirt or other pollutants.

More durable

Traditional wax protection will wear out significantly faster than ceramic coatings. Once you choose a ceramic coating, you can rely on it to protect for years, even after being exposed to weather, atmospheric components, bird droppings, and other impurities.

Makes Your Car Easier to Clean

Dirt and debris roll off the surface rather than becoming caught in the microscopic crevices of your vehicle’s body, thanks to the solid surface produced by ceramic coating. Your car will remain cleaner for a longer period of time.


How long does Ceramic Coating last?

Ceramic coatings are long lasting, they can last from many months to several years depending on the type of coating you choose. Ceramic coatings of professional quality are said to last up to 5 years.

Do we need paint correction before installing Ceramic Coating?

Because the Ceramic Coating will create a semi-permanent coating over your vehicle’s paint, any Paint Correction must be completed before applying Ceramic Coating to allow for a strong bond. Paint Correction will eliminate swirl marks and scratches from the vehicle’s exterior, allowing it to shine.

How many layers of ceramic coating is applied to the exterior?

Two layers of ceramic coating and a single layer of topcoat are usually sufficient to last 3-5 years. This factor is also influenced by your driving conditions and frequency of use. However, it also depends on how well you maintain your car in general.

What makes Ceramic Coating a great protection?

Ceramic coating, if done correctly, can last up to 5 years even longer if maintained properly. Depending on the number of layers applied, and with proper upkeep, it may keep your car looking like new for years with minimal maintenance. Many ceramic coatings providers provide guarantees that last for several years with regular coating maintenance.

A ceramic coating will enhance your car’s look to brand new, but it is not maintenance free if you want it to look that way in the future. Your car will always get dirty, so it will need to be washed to keep that shine, but it will take less effort than before to achieve the same results.