Summer Shine PACK

Get your vehicle ready to shine this Summer!

This is a no-brainer type of a deal!

Winter is the toughest season of the year on our vehicles! Your vehicle can literally be caked up with salt on any given day along with dirty slush and ice. Then Spring comes along with all its debris and then by then end of Spring you need a detail!


Its key to protect the exterior surfaces on your vehicle to prevent weathering and dullness.

This is likely the best package in the area. Not the cheapest but the best and most affordable package for premium detailing. I may need the vehicle for up to 1 day.

This package will include a full interior cleaning and exterior wash and light exterior paint cleaning decontamination. I will preform a medium cut Ceramic polish to help remove the top layer of swirls and scratches at an incredible price worked into this package. The main reason for the ceramic polish is to make the car shine, give it a glow and create a clean slate for the Ceramic coating!

BONUS! The first 2 people to book this package get the package for $450 or starting at $500 if the vehicle is in bad shape.

This ceramic is a 6-12 month coating that has a super slick feel to it that will make any car owner excited.

I hope you’re able to take advantage of this years Summer deal! This package will have your vehicle Prepared and glossy for the upcoming season.


Interior car detailing

What’s Included:

  • Vacuum interior carpets, seats and trunk area
  • Detail interior dashboard
  • Detail center console and drivers area
  • Deep clean cup holders area and front windshield
  • Clean door panels and speaker outlets and the tiny holes in the speaker cover
  • Clean door jambs
  • Detail vents
  • Clean ceiling console and hand shampoo sun visor area and random smudges in the ceiling
  • Clean and condition interior leather seats or light hand and machine shampoo for fabric seats
  • Clean interior and exterior of windows
  • Floor mats Scrubbed with light hand shampoo

This is a maintenance service and you may need to add some additional detailing to complete your desired result. Every detail is different than the next. Really dirty vehicles can take advantage of the Summer deal but will have an up charge to cover the additional deep cleaning.

Exterior car detailing

What’s Included:

  • Proper Hand Wash
  • Clean and dress windows inside and out
  • Clean and dress tires
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Trim cleaned
  • Clean windshield
  • Light paint and wheel decontamination
  • Wheel sealant protection applied
  • Mirrors, door handles, grill and trim will be air dried to force water out of crevices.
  • A medium cut ceramic polish to boost up the gloss in the vehicles paint and bring out a great reflection.
  • Fully serviced exterior

Some Vehicles may need and require additional work for better results. In the event that a client might need more work, the detail technician will recommend the adjustment to the service. If the client approves then the bill will be adjusted.


What’s Included:

  • Ceramic Coating
  • 6 month-12 month of protection with proper care
  • Application on the glass
  • Application on the rims
  • Application for the Painted surfaces
  • Trim coated
  • Coated windshield
  • Fully serviced exterior
  • Winterized vehicle

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