Interior Packs

Basic Interior

  • Interior plastics & panel cleaning
  • Full Vacuum
  • Air Blowout
  • Driver area cleaned
  • cup holders cleaned
  • Glass cleaned
  • Truck Vacuum

Interior deep cleaning

  • Basic interior package
  • A deeper panel and surface cleaning
  • leather cleaning
  • Leather conditioning
  • Stain removal
  • Machine hot water shampoo
  • Headliner cleaning
  • Dog hair
  • Accidents and spills
  • Odor removal

No questions asked

This package will be a flat rate service and is meant for dirty cars on a budget. You also PAY when you drop the vehicle off.

The price for this package is what my deep cleaning starts at and it doesn’t go over or under. This package will only be 4.5 hours. This package is for people on a budget but need a car deep cleaning badly but its not in the budget. The way this works is I will tackle the areas needed the most in order to get the vehicle in presentable condition and move on, I have 4.5 hours for the car to be finished and dried. Some vehicles may still have stains, and areas might not be perfect.

Example: At times just a vacuum can take two hours, I’m not talking about a car wash vacuum. A detailed vacuum is mostly every dirty cars mandatory 1st step when getting cleaned. So if the vacuum process takes 2 hours. I have 2 hours to get the rest of the vehicle cleaned and dried. This extra time on the vacuum process can take away from seat cleaning, crevices, headliner touch up or even going back to look over the work. Again this package is for people with a dirty car but the interior deep cleaning rates are not in the budget. Keep in mind that your vehicle may actually need the interior deep cleaning and your vehicle would take 6-7 hours to be finished to my deep cleaning standard. So if that’s the case and you pick this package and your vehicle is really really dirty you have to lower expectations.

Although the vehicle will be in decent shape after Im done, some vehicles may look great and this package was perfect and others this package ends up being a really good maintenance service. If you NEED the interior deep cleaning service and those expectations I recommend not choosing this package.