Do new cars need Paint Correction?

Most new automobiles have buffing marks, swirl marks, and paint marring, which is startling to see. Understanding how these defects occur, how to remedy them, and how to avoid them from happening in the future is critical for both detailers and buyers buying new automobiles. Sand markings, rotary trails, and paint marring are common during transportation from the factory to the dealership or on the production line itself. On the other hand, Swirl markings are usually the result of poor washing methods. As a result, new vehicles require paint correction, which is necessary for the vehicle.

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When it comes to paint correction, whats our opinion?

Paint correction is the procedure for fixing flaws in your vehicle’s paint and restoring it to its original state. Some faults cannot be remedied with paint correction, depending on the state of your paint. There are several forms of paint flaws.

Swirl markings are very frequent and easy to get. Poor washing methods frequently cause micro scratches. Swirl markings give your paint a spider webbing impression and make it look exceedingly dull. Swirl markings can usually be removed with a single stage of paint correction.

Common reasons new vehicles need paint correction

Buffer trails or holograms are the most prevalent paint flaws on brand new autos. An incomplete polishing job is to blame for this. A cutting compound with an aggressive pad is used to remove a thin layer of the clear coat during a two-stage paint repair. You’ll end up with buffer trails if you don’t follow up with a finishing compound and pad. It’s worth noting that without the appropriate lighting, holograms can be challenging to notice. The car may have appeared great in the showroom, but the proper illumination would reveal that it is still incomplete. This is why we verify our work under light or bring it outside in the sunlight.

What are the benefits of paint correction?

First, it will increase the life of the paint. Over time, water, chemicals, dirt, and pollutants collect in the fine scratches on the paint, eroding the paint further. This can lead to corrosion and rusting, which is a costly problem to fix. Minor scratches are removed and protected by paint restoration.

Second, the shine is a significant advantage of paint correction services. The clear coat is restored after a paint repair. The paint will regain its lustrous, wet appearance when polished. Your car will appear years younger, with newer, brighter, and more colorful paint.

Finally, exterior vinyl and accents are restored using a paint correction service. The new paint sheen is the main advantage. The revitalization of external accents and sections is an additional benefit. Using specialized products, vinyl and rubber bumpers and tires and rubber accents are regenerated.

What is the Process of Paint Correction?

The paint is fixed with a high-pressure spray and a detergent wash. This removes debris, filth, and pollutants from the vehicle’s paint. 

Cutting chemicals are gritty and penetrate the clear coat, making it easier to remove damaged paint, scuff marks, and scratches. The outer layers of the clear coat, for example, are prone to oxidation. 

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