How Do You Detail Your Car Like A Professional?

You want your car to appear as new as possible, especially if it’s an expensive vehicle. Many individuals choose to detail their cars to keep them in prime condition, looking the same as the day they drove out of the showroom! It is essential to keep in mind that car detailing is not the same as driving your vehicle to the car wash to get rid of dirt, dust, road grime, pollutants and other debris. Detailing an automobile takes cleaning to a different level! Many individuals and companies do it before selling a vehicle at a dealership, however detailing should be done regularly to keep your vehicle in good condition. Lucent ReflectionZ will give you insight into some ways to detail your car.

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The following are some steps for detailing your vehicle.

Finding a place to wash your car and give it careful attention.

Begin by properly washing your automobile. Both at home and professional vehicle washing options are available to you. A word of caution: if you’re cleaning by hand, ensure your car is appropriately parked. Use an area away from the sun’s rays and avoid putting anything on your vehicle while washing. Inside a garage is the best place to do automobile detailing. You’ll need some bright lights to see properly in the dark garage. Make sure that any dirt, grime, rain stains, and other debris have been removed before using the appliance.

Using clay bar

Once your car is completely dry from the wash, you may begin using a clay bar to clean the clear coat. Detailing starts here, but you must remember to clean from panel to panel and section to section. Work your way around your vehicle from top to bottom and front to rear. The bottom and rear bumpers, doors, and moldings should be completed last. Use a clay bar to allow yourself adequate room to work with. Use clay bars that are soft and sticky; they’re the most convenient to work with. Apply a liquid detailer to the hood, and then use a clay bar to scrub the surface. Next, use a microfiber towel to wipe the hood dry. Continue to clay bar your car from top to bottom.

Waxing and polishing

The finishing touches are polishing your car to remove any imperfections that aren’t too severe and then applying a protective coating to the finish. After picking up your orbital buffer, attaching the polishing pad to it, adjusting the speed to medium or low, and moving the buffer from side to side while exerting just a little pressure, continue this process until the whole automobile is polished. Wax your vehicle using a wax pad and liquid auto wax, starting with one panel at a time and moving in a circular motion. After applying wax to the whole car, you must wait at least five minutes for it to cure before cleaning away any traces of dried wax.

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Where can you find a reputable destination for car detailing?

It is essential to have an understanding of all the processes that are involved in the detailing of a car before selecting a car detailer. This will allow you to choose the service that best meets your needs. The best method to ensure that your vehicle retains its pristine appearance for a significant amount of time is to have it detailed once every four to six months. At Lucent ReflectionZ, we are delighted to provide answers to any queries you may have about the process of car detailing. You may reach us by phone at +7732192204 or by sending an email at At 4701 W 97th Place, Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453, we provide our services to customers.