How Do You Shampoo Your Car Seats?

Over time, car seats can accumulate grime and deep stains that must be removed to eliminate foul odors. Detailing them is a time consuming yet beneficial process that requires patience. The materials your seats are composed of can influence the chemicals you use, although foams and cleaners can be used on most upholstery. When detailing, the fundamental mistake is to use a cleaner that is not approved for seats. These detergents can embed in the fabric, preventing it from being washed entirely and in some cases, cause permanent damage. 

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Some ways to shampoo your car seats

Lucent ReflectionZ will reveal some tips below to help you to shampoo your car seats.

Using a foam filled bucket

Fill a bucket halfway with foam or cleaner and gradually add water—most folks who have never shampooed their chairs before make the error of using too much liquid. What you want to work with are the gel and foamy suds.

Vacuum every area where you plan to do the washing.

In reality, the entire interior detailing of the car should be vacuumed before shampooing, but at the very least, get deep into the gaps and between the seats. Shampooing seats without vacuuming them will trap dirt, and moisture will cause a runny, black discharge when it comes into touch with dust.

Utilize the most efficient tools

Shampooing using bristled brushes is generally suggested because they work well with various materials. They’re also better at getting to the source of the problem and removing foreign matter. A microfiber towel is especially vital if you have leather seats because the residue will build up and must be wiped clean. A terry cloth towel that can absorb liquid quickly is required for fabric seats.

Circular movements in foam

Skim the top of the bucket with your brush as if you’re combing it when applying the foam or gel. Instead of lifting the dirt from the seats, too much liquid will distribute it. Begin with a bit of foam and gradually add more as the stain becomes deeper. Unless the wrinkles require long strokes, rub in a circular motion. If you have persistent stains, go over the same area several times. If it still won’t come out, repeat the drying procedure, as the dry particles may flake and be simpler to remove the next time.

INTERIOR detailing your car seats at Lucent ReflectionZ Oak Lawn, IL

Towels and fans can be used to dry the clothes.

Using a terry cloth, soak up any surplus water as you go. Even if the seats do not appear damp after the foam application, air dry them with the windows down at the very least. A carefully placed fan will ensure that areas such as where you sit do not soak moisture like a sponge.

Car Detailing at Lucent ReflectionZ

If you want your car seats to smell and look fresh, shampooing them will take longer than a few minutes. Professional car detailers at Lucent ReflectionZ can restore sections of a vehicle to showroom grade. Every seat can be bolstered substantially by competent technicians and cleaners with accuracy and attention to detail, regardless of the upholstery. At Lucent ReflectionZ, we use the highest quality materials to make your car have a wonderful smell. With car detailing at Lucent ReflectionZ, you won’t nervous about the cleanliness of your vehicle because we will make your vehicle fantastic from interior detailing to exterior detailing. Call us at 7732192204 or email us at, and you can also visit us at 4701 w 97th Place, Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453