What Does Clay Bar Do In The Paint Correction?

Paint Correction consists of multiple steps to preserve the car’s paint and retain the car’s value. Paint Correction is more than simply a cut and buff. It’s a total makeover of your vehicle’s paintwork. It consists of many tools which are used by professional detailers. But we don’t know what Clay Bar does to help preserve the car’s paintwork. This blog will show you the clay bar benefits of the Paint Correction.

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What are your thoughts on the Clay Bar?

A clay bar is a naturally derived resin compound used to clean and smooth the surface of your vehicle, allowing you to place protection on a fresh and smooth surface. An automobile clay bar will have been designed to be much more elastic, giving it far more resilience and usability when repeatedly manipulated into the shapes required for practical use. Furthermore, an automotive clay bar will be significantly more durable and capable of enduring the severe pollution you’ll be asking it to remove from the surface while keeping that contamination suspended and away from the vehicle’s surface, where it may cause harm.

What Role Does Clay Bar Play in Paint Correction?

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After a maintenance wash, use a clay bar to remove any remaining embedded surface pollution. The pollution released from the paint is not always apparent to the human eye. Clay Bar provides a surface that is as smooth as glass and primed adequately after using a clay bar on your paint. It’s now ready to be polished or protected with layers of protection. You may clay not only your vehicle’s paint but also its glass, wheels, and lights. 

The Process of Using Clay Bar

We must first prepare ourselves before diving into serious thought. Before utilizing automotive clay, you must first do a thorough decontamination wash.

Clay Bar Preparation

To eliminate most contaminants from your vehicle, wash it and dry it before using a clay bar. The more polluted the paint is, the more likely it is to pick up defects during the clay bar process.

Clay Bar Process

Step 1: Wash and dry your vehicle, making sure it has been thoroughly decontaminated.

Step 2: Peel away the film from your clay and break out a manageable piece of clay. Work it in your hands until flexible, then flatten it into a disk shape. 

Step 3: Take a small piece of clay and shape it into a flat surface.

Step 4: Apply the clay bar to the pre lubricated surface and slide it in straight lines from one border of your work area to the other without applying any pressure.

Step 5: Fold the clay in half, contaminated sides inwards, to show two different clean working surfaces of the clay bar after treating a single region and performing 4-8 passes. 

Step 6: Flatten the clay into a thin disk form and continue to the next section, repeating processes 4 and 5 until the entire vehicle has been handled. Remember to lubricate the clay frequently and fold it after every 4-8 passes.

How Often Should You Clay Bar?

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We advise using a clay bar around twice a year or before any details where the paint will be polished. If your car exposes to industrial fallout or extremely contaminated locations, you may need to use a clay bar more frequently.

Does A Clay Bar remove scratches?

Because it comprises no abrasives, a clay bar will not erase scratches from the paint’s surface. A clay bar can help restore that pleasant smooth sensation you once knew and loved.

Does Clay Bar damage a clear coat?

A clay bar is a clay like solution that removes pollutants from your clear coat, such as water stains, brake dust, metal dust, industrial pollution, and road grit. These impurities come loose from your car and get lodged safely in the clay, where they won’t damage your clear coat when used with a clay lubricant.

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