How Can I Make My Car Interior Look New?

If you want your car’s interior to look brand new again and stay that way, you’ll need to learn about interior detailing. This is the procedure for cleaning and safeguarding your vehicle’s interior to keep it in the best possible condition. Lucent ReflectionZ will explain a thorough approach to caring for your car’s interior and making it appear brand new in this post. So, let’s get started!

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Tips to make the car interior look new 

Take out all the rubbish.

Get a plastic grocery bag and collect the large waste items that the vacuum cleaner won’t pick up. Throw out the junk mail you left between the front seats, the empty fries bag from the back seat, and anything else you can think of. To ensure you don’t miss anything, move the seats forward and inspect underneath them, as well, pull out the floor mats.

Wipe down the dashboard.

A damp paper towel or washcloth should suffice. Some people buy wet wipes designed specifically for car interiors, which also work well. Remove any items that may have been left on the dashboard and forgotten, and tiny ones that have rolled up against the windshield.

Clean the vents and buttons.

Dust between the AC vents with a cheap foam brush from a craft store or a clean paintbrush. Any dirt or dust will be vacuumed rather than resting elsewhere in the car if you hold the vacuum hose against the vent. Clean all the buttons along the face of the dash with the brush. Wipe off flat surfaces, the steering wheel, and the column with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to clean the cup holders as well.

Clean the seats.

Wipe any vinyl or leather parts of your seats using a damp cloth. To avoid damaging the fabric, be gentle. You may have to scrub the vinyl with an old toothbrush. The bristles may reach into the texture of the vinyl surface and extract any dirt that has become trapped there.

Polish the dash.

After removing all the grime, condition and polish the hard plastic on your dashboard, seats, and cup holders with olive oil. Apply a tiny amount on a soft washcloth or paper towel and gently rub it into the surface in small circles. If you’re cleaning something that isn’t hard plastic, you should test a hidden area of your dash first to ensure the olive oil doesn’t discolor or stain it. Olive oil is non-toxic and odorless and will clean and shine your dash.

Make sure the air filter is clean.

Check your owner’s manual to verify if and how your air filter may be removed. Remove it and clean or replace it, depending on its condition. Make sure you return it. Aroma air filter sheets are available in some places, which can be placed against the filter to emit a fresh scent. If you don’t select one designed for autos, the stench could be overbearing in your vehicle’s small cabin.

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Clean the upholstery

To remove crumbs and grime from the upholstery, vacuum using a brush attachment. If you take your dog along for the ride, you might notice that the vacuum doesn’t pick up all the pet hair he sheds. On the other hand, rubber gloves are a simple way to collect all hair—a squeegee, a clean rubber flip-flop, or any rubber substance. Pull along the fabric’s edges, back, and seats while wearing a rubber glove. Hair will adhere to the rubber and quickly pull out. Using a fabric cleanser spray and a white washcloth or toothbrush, gently remove any ground in dirt or stains.

Spray the floor mats.

For ground in filth, use a fabric cleaning or stain remover. In most circumstances, throw them in the washer. To dry, spread them out flat in the sun. A dryer should not be used. Home dryers will not work with the rubber backing. Then, return them to their original locations on the car floor once they’re dry.

Where should you choose car interior detailing?

A lot goes into making your vehicle interior look brand new. Though you can do it yourself, interior detailing is a good idea if you want a more seamless transition from an older look to a previously ‘new look shine’. Our detailers’ experience solves many difficulties by utilizing suitable materials and following a precise and comprehensive cleaning routine. People frequently use the incorrect products on their own, causing interior components to be damaged or the vehicle’s cabin to stink. Every element of the clean is handled with care from the ground up regarding vehicle detailing, ensuring that your car interior looks as new as the day you bought it. What are you waiting for? Please make an appointment with Lucent ReflectionZ at 7732192204 or Our location is 4701 w 97th Place, Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453.