How Do I Prepare A Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings have numerous advantages in safeguarding an automobile’s appearance. To apply a ceramic coating appropriately, however, it must first be properly prepared. Most amateur detailing enthusiasts do not prepare the surface, which can cause lasting harm to your vehicle. So, learn from Lucent ReflectionZ how to properly prepare for a ceramic coating in this article.

Ceramic Coating: What are your thoughts? 

Ceramic coating is usually applied as a liquid polymer that cures into a protective layer on the surface of your car. There are numerous sorts of ceramic coatings now available. Still, if you’re looking at a professional grade product, it’s most likely being marketed as a nano-ceramic coating.

Why is prep work so important?

To the untrained eye, the clear coat painted surface of your vehicle appears smooth and level. However, it’s quite tough and irregular on a tiny level. Dirt, dust, iron particles, and other toxins from the air and streets we travel on daily collect on this harsh, uneven surface.

Suppose these impurities are not removed before the coating is placed. In this case, the layer will not adhere correctly to your vehicle’s painted surface, leaving it ineffective or preventing it from lasting or protecting as long as it should. The coating’s purpose is to fill up these dips and ridges and form a thin, smooth, slippery layer over the painted surface. As a result, pollutants cannot adhere to or accumulate on the surface of your paint because of this layer of protection. It also makes the surface slick to the touch, preventing rain, sleet, and snow from sticking to it. Water, or rain, bead up and roll down the painted surface. You can see how ceramic coatings have grown in popularity due to their ability to self-clean when applied to your vehicle’s paint.

How to prepare your car for ceramic coating?

The primary reason for preparing the surface before applying the ceramic coating is to ensure that the solution works as intended. The ceramic coating solution will not attach to the paint 100 percent if the surface is covered with dust, grime, or even minute particles.


Begin by thoroughly cleaning your vehicle. Your ceramic coating will only be able to bind to your paintwork once the surface is residue free entirely. Suppose the residue is left on the surface. In that case, it will function as a barrier between the ceramic coating and the paintwork, preventing a solid binding and adherence.


After cleaning the surface, clay the paint to remove any surface pollution that washing did not remove. Contamination beneath your ceramic coating will be trapped there for years if it is not carefully cleaned. If allowed to go unchecked, contamination would wreak havoc on your paint and result in irreversible damage.


Even if your vehicle is brand new, it may require polishing and paint correction. Because the ceramic coating will seal those scratches and swirls under the layer, and you won’t be able to remove them without first removing your ceramic coating, it’s critical to polish paint to fix faults and perfect the gloss.

Wiping out

After the surface has been thoroughly washed, cleaned, and refined, the final step before the coating process is a washing wipe-down to remove any remaining oils, waxes, or silicones. To prepare the surface for coating, we recommend wiping out, which will remove any remaining leftover waxes, sealants, or glazes. For optimal results, use a clean, lint-free quality microfiber towel. You’re ready to apply your ceramic coating now that the surface is clean and residue-free!

Where should you choose ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is one of the longest lasting and highest levels of protection currently available in the industry. While this sophisticated coating may appear scary, it is easy to apply if you follow the above mentioned methods. Remember that the quality of your layer is only as excellent as the finish of the surface you’re about to coat. So, don’t scrimp or cut corners; instead, follow the measures outlined above and enjoy the most durable protection available in the industry! Lucent ReflectionZ is well-known among clients if you’re looking for a reputable place to apply a ceramic coating. We provide high quality products for your vehicle that will enhance its appearance. Lucent ReflectionZ is confident in its ability to demonstrate how well we work. Make an appointment with Lucent Reflection today at 7732192204 or if you live in Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453. You can also visit our shop at 4701 W 97th Place, Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453, for assistance with your selected packages.