What Does Fleet Maintenance consist of?

Car maintenance is a crucial element for vehicles that are not only for personal cars but also for fleets. Lucent ReflectionZ is here to help you define what Fleet Maintenance is and how you can benefit from it.

Fleet Maintenance: What does it entail?

The component of fleet management is when a fleet owner, manager, or operator designs and optimizes a procedure to keep all fleet vehicles in good operating order and fully operational.

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Interior Maintenance

Maintaining the interior of a vehicle, including leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fiber plastics, and natural fibers, is known as interior detailing. The inside of the car is sanitized using a variety of procedures, including vacuuming and steam washing. Door jambs, the entire center console, and the space around the buttons and controls are all included. 

Exterior Maintenance

Cleaning and drying a car’s body, wheels, tires, and windows, using clay bars to remove dust and grit, polishing the outside to remove surface scratches and using a sealant to protect the paint are all part of exterior detailing. The sealant protects the car from the elements such as sunlight, rain, dirt, and tar. The other operations are cleaning the car’s rims and tires, removing tar and bug splatter, detailing the engine, polishing headlights, washing windshields and wiper blades.

How can we get benefits from Fleet Maintenance?

Better Resale Value

Replacement of a fleet is one of the difficulties that a fleet operator must deal with from time to time. Records of fleet maintenance services help to demonstrate that all vehicles are well maintained and in good working order.

Driving habits can also help keep a fleet’s resale value up. At the very least, when it demonstrates that a vehicle was handled with care. On the other hand, fleet maintenance might help you negotiate better lease terms for your fleet vehicles.

Extend Equipment’s Lifespan

Preventative maintenance is essential for getting the most out of your vehicles. Correct maintenance, such as keeping tires at the proper pressure and rotating them regularly, has been demonstrated to boost equipment longevity. Following the vehicle’s manufacturer’s service plan is an excellent place to start, but bear in mind that, depending on your fleet’s demands, you may need to service your vehicles more regularly than the manufacturer suggests.

Reduce Overall Repair Costs

Routine maintenance helps spot problems before they become serious, saving your company money over time. While it may appear that having your vehicle repaired regularly will strain your budget, it is less costly in the long journey than waiting until a problem emerges. Frequent oil changes are less costly than replacing a whole engine. Furthermore, when a car has a serious technical issue, it always implies losing money in addition to the cost of repairs if even one of your vehicles needs to be pulled off the road for repairs for an extended time.

When is the best time for maintenance?

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The moment when it is preferable to replace a vehicle is when the overall cost during the vehicle’s lifecycle is lowest. Sedans should be checked every 36 months or 75,000 miles, whereas light duty trucks should cycle every 48 months or 100,000 miles.

However, other factors consist of, the type of vehicle, and what the vehicle is used for that can impact the equation. Every business should establish a personalized vehicle replacement and lifecycle management strategy for the best outcomes.

Tips for maintaining your fleets

A well maintained vehicle uses less gasoline, breaks down less frequently, and helps you save money. Here are the tips you can follow to preserve your fleet:

  • Create a Fleet Inspector Role:

Oil changes, tire rotations, and engine cleaning should be checked regularly. It gives you more time to operate and run your company.

  • Get Regular Driver Reports

It will assist your drivers in developing a set of best practices and developing constructive working relationships with you and the repair team or contractor.

  • Make Sure Your Vehicles Are Fit for Their Purpose

Determine what your vehicle will be hauling and its operation conditions when acquiring a car or allocating jobs to make the most efficient use of your vehicles.

  • Look After Your Tires

The overall driving experience is heavily influenced by tire pressure. It affects the vehicle’s handling, fuel economy, and wear and tear.

  • Keep Your Vehicles Clean

Keeping your vehicles clean and polished gives your organization a professional appearance and gives your drivers a better sense of job satisfaction while they’re on the job.

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