How Do I Prepare A Ceramic Coating?

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Ceramic coatings have numerous advantages in safeguarding an automobile’s appearance. To apply a ceramic coating appropriately, however, it must first be properly prepared. Most amateur detailing enthusiasts do not prepare the surface, which can cause lasting harm to your vehicle. So, learn from Lucent ReflectionZ how to properly prepare for a ceramic coating in this … Read more

How Can I Make My Car Interior Look New?

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If you want your car’s interior to look brand new again and stay that way, you’ll need to learn about interior detailing. This is the procedure for cleaning and safeguarding your vehicle’s interior to keep it in the best possible condition. Lucent ReflectionZ will explain a thorough approach to caring for your car’s interior and … Read more

What Do Professional Detailers Use For Exterior Detailing?

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When your car’s exterior is professionally detailed, each section will be given a different treatment depending on the material. In addition to regular car wash processes, exterior car detailing may include claying. This is required to remove impurities from the paint, fix it, protect it, or apply specialized services. What more do you need to … Read more

What Happens When The Ceramic Coating Wears Off?


Ceramic coatings for vehicles are known to generate a strong bond with a vehicle’s clear finish. Ceramic automobile coatings last a very long time due to this chemical process. So, how will you know when a layer starts to wear off and needs to be replaced? Lucent ReflectionZ will answer this question in this article. … Read more

How Long Does Interior & Exterior Detailing Take?


One of the most frequent questions vehicle detailers are asked is, “How long do interior and exterior car detailing services take?” It makes sense that people would need to plan their days around the fact that auto detailing requires leaving your car with the detailer. It is difficult to predict how long the process will … Read more

How Do You Shampoo Your Car Seats?


Over time, car seats can accumulate grime and deep stains that must be removed to eliminate foul odors. Detailing them is a time consuming yet beneficial process that requires patience. The materials your seats are composed of can influence the chemicals you use, although foams and cleaners can be used on most upholstery. When detailing, … Read more

How to maintain a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is one of the most significant investments you can make for the factory paintwork on your car. It protects the paint by keeping it shiny and repelling liquids and harmful pollutants. Ceramic coatings need to be maintained regularly to deliver all of their benefits to your car for a long time. The … Read more

How many layers of Ceramic Coating do a car need?

Applying a ceramic coating to an automobile is one of the most common ways to protect it from everyday wear and tear. The material preserves both your investment and whatever cosmetic improvements you’ve made. In some cases, though, numerous coats are required to improve the car’s longevity and gloss. So, how many ceramic layers are … Read more

What are the additional benefits of ceramic coating?

There’s no denying that your car’s paint might lose its luster over time. Every time you drive your vehicle, it is exposed to elements such as the sun, bugs, gas, dust, and other debris, which means the paint is gradually fading? But what if there was a way to keep it safe? Fortunately, there is … Read more

How often should you have your car detailed?

Have you noticed that your car is becoming dull? Do you have significant paint or interior damage? Maybe it’s time to detail your vehicle. However, we recommend that you get your car detailed before it deteriorates. Taking precautions and implementing preventative measures can be beneficial in the broad scheme of things. When detailing your car, … Read more